Monday, May 23, 2011


About a year ago today, I grabbed my day pack and headed for the Santa Monica Mountains.  I wanted some peace and quiet to eat my ham sandwich away from projects and exams.  Apparently I found that at 1800ft.

This rock wheel was on the fire road.  A lot of the fun in hiking is finding something inspirational.  The exercise and solitude are mildly cathartic.  Being in nature makes it easier to listen to one's stream of consciousness.  Mine usually has the mouth of a sailor after hoofing it up a peak carrying 20 pounds of gear.

Some washed out trails and unexpected detours turned my leisurely hike into a real trip.  I was forced to return on a different path than I came in on.  In a nutshell, I went an extra 4 miles and +700 feet.  Dealing with the unexpected is part of the journey.  In my case, being above the city gave me a little perspective.

I bought my hiking gear for the hydrology trip to Sagehen, but my first solo hike in Sullivan Canyon sparked an interest in the road less traveled.  I try to go on a day hike once a month, and tackle a new trail each outing.  I hike to see new things, and occasionally find something inspirational along the way.