Saturday, January 6, 2018

2012 Impreza Fire Extinguisher Mount
Driving poses many hazards, not the least of which is all of the combustible materials around you. According to NFPA's 2010 U.S. Vehicle Fire Trends and Patterns, there are over 150,000 automobile fires per year. Having a fire extinguisher close at hand gives you options during an emergency.

1-A:10-B:C Rated 2.5lb portable fire extinguisher
Once you've selected a fire extinguisher of the desired type and size, keeping it securely mounted close-by will ensure it is readily accessible when you need it.

Bracketeer UFEB1317/D
Metal-on-metal solutions seem the most secure to me, so I opted for this universal bracket to go under the driver's seat.

Above: loosely assembled vehicle Bracketeer; Below: First Alert BRACKET2
The OEM fire extinguisher bracket has a neck support and a metal band clamp to keep the extinguisher in place. The vehicle bracket and the extinguisher bracket mate with some machine screws.

Tools, including hex sockets and socket hex drivers
I opted to secure the vehicle bracket onto the seat studs. Simply unscrew from the floor pan and attach the Bracketeer. I tried a number of configurations for the mounting arms, and ultimately settled on having the long part parallel to the floor.

Vehicle mounting bracket secured to seat studs; Extinguisher bracket screwed to vehicle bracket.
The floor screws torque to 39 ft-lbs. Remember to use threadlocker for the brackets' Allen screws, and make hand tight to about 1.5 Ugga Duggas.

Completed installation
I made sure nothing is interfering with the airbags or floor mats. I also added an O-ring over the fire extinguisher trigger to keep it from rattling. My extinguisher is now securely mounted within arm's reach (instead of bouncing around my far-away trunk as a potential projectile.)