APSessco Medical, Inc.

I joined SESSCO Technologies/APSessco Medical, Inc. right after graduating with my Civil Engineering degree.  The best part about the job was getting to design and build custom fixtures for manufacturing.  Most everything is proprietary, so I can't share too much.  The general idea is someone needs to combine A and B via C.  So, I would build something to hold A, a place to put B, and use some actuator(s) to do C.  I worked with CAD, electronics, programming, pneumatics, machining, and materials.  Since the firm is small, I handled the sales and support for my customers, too.  Most of the time I had a lot of fun.

This is an automated fixture I developed at APSessco Medical, Inc. for MDM West 2011.  It draws a 2" square on a piece of paper using a ball point pen.

 Inserting a business card into the receiver trips an optical detector.

A programmable logic controller kicks in to sequentially energize the solenoid valves controlling five pneumatic  actuators.

The device clamps onto the grip of the pen, plunges onto the postcard, draws a 2" square, drops the business card into the collector, extends up, and releases the pen.

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